Unearthing Copper's Treasures

Is a leading copper mining and recovery company that specializes in three distinct and profitable divisions:

Active Stream & New Materials

Headquartered in Colorado, CuRO specializes in efficient onsite processing. Our cutting-edge technologies maximize resource utilization, minimizie waste, whilst satisfying the increasing demand for sustainable copper.

Landfill Mining & Land Acquisition

Historically inefficient processing resulted in inaccessible portions of Copper being buried. Via responsible extraction methods, CuRO can reclaim these previously discarded materials containing typically higher contents and value.

Engineering & 

Engineering is at the core of what we do at CuRO. Providing innovative & customizable systems for efficient resource extractions through strategic partnerships with:
Kice IndustriesUnited Precision Engineering

Abundant Opportunites Await

“…the CuRO (sic) machine produces the best domestic 
recycled copper and OmniSource would buy 100% of its output”

-- Peter Stubbins, 
Head Buyer of Copper OmniSource Corporation
Reducing disposal costs
Decreasing overheads
Increasing profitability
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CuRO has earmarked the commissioning of five facilities across five years to process 
Active Streams, Landfill Mining or Combination of both.
CuRo Strategic Expansion United States & Australia

Technological Roadmap

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23m lb (10,400t) throuput per facility
100m lb (43,300t) materials per landfill
$6-$10.7 mil in revenue per facility p.a
Materials sourced within 8hr radius
CuRO has an established International growth opportunity
via partnership with IKG Industries
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